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Training for Corporate Governance

22.04.2017 23:35:24

Business development center - SEEU, in collaboration with the Institute of directors, supported by the International Finance Corporation - IFC, part of the World Bank Group, organized

Training for Basic Knowledge and Skills for Business

22.04.2017 23:35:13

Qendra për zhvillimin e biznesit – UEJL organizoi trajnim për bashkëpunëtorët e Feniks Farma – një ndër distributorët kryesor të produkteve farmaceutike ne tregun e Maqedonisë, në temë: “

Training for Pharmacy Brand Market Profit

22.04.2017 23:35:02

Business Development Centre – SEEU organized training for collaborators of Feniks Farma - one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical products in the Macedonian market, on the topic:

Lecture of Governor Bogov

22.04.2017 23:34:52

On Wednesday (03/26/2014), the governor of the National Bank Dimitar Bogov, held a lecture before the staff and students of SEEU, as well as representatives of banks and companies.

Practical Accounting and Implementation of Tax Legislation

22.04.2017 23:34:40

Business development centre at SEE University Tetovo, organized training for „ Practical Accounting and Implementation of Tax Legislation”. The aim of the training was the acquisition

Training for Leadership Attributes

22.04.2017 23:34:24

On Saturday (March 23), Business Development Center – SEEU, organized training on the topic: "Leadership Attributes". The purpose of the training was each participant in the training

Training For the Employees of Adria Sport CUDO SHOES

22.04.2017 23:34:12

On Sunday (09 December), the Business Development Center in the SEE University, in collaboration with Adria Sport (Cudo Shoes), organized the training for employees of this company

Trainings for Employees of The Ministry of Economy of The Republic of Macedonia

22.04.2017 23:34:01

On Friday (16 November) by the Business Development Centre in SEEU was organized the training for employees of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia on the topic:

70 Stundents from India Follow a Training Programme at The BDC-SEEU

22.04.2017 23:33:49

For the second time BDC – SEEU in collaboration with the Kelly Business School, Luck Management Institute (India) and the South Eastern European University, from September 7th 2012

Professionalism Behavior Management and Communication in The Company

22.04.2017 23:33:37

Business Development Center in cooperation with Harbini Cosmetic organized training on "Professionalism, Behavior Management and Communication in the Company ". The purpose of the training

Preparing Global Leaders Institute

08.07.2015 14:02:48

The BDC in collaboration with NGO Mladi Info, from august 13, 2012 until august 26, 2012, organized the training on topic “Preparing Global Leaders Institute” for learners with a global

Business Analytic

08.07.2015 13:46:25

This training was organized in collaboration with Kelly Business School, the Institute of Management Luck now City (India) and South East European University. 67 students from India studied

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