Training for Marketing and Finance

Business Development Center - SEEU, in cooperation with ESA ( Enterprise Support Agency) and the rd, within the project “Supports for entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium companies in the region of Tetovo " supported by GIZ RED , organized training on " Marketing and finance " .

The purpose of the training was to inform the participants with ratios that are useful in measuring and monitoring financial performance in conjunction with a set of financial statements, to provide guidance on how to do financial planning and to introduce the participants with principles and practices related to managing cash flows, as well as issues related to marketing and how marketing people are involved in types of marketing entities such as: goods, services, experiences, events, places, organizations, information, ideas ect.

The training lasted three days, where lecturers were: Prof. Dr. Besnik Fetai and Doc. Dr. Brikend Aziri.

After completing the training, except acquired knowledge, all participants received certificates.

Business Development Center (BDC) plays the role of linking the business community with the South East European University. BDC provides management training and business consulting to individuals and organizations through the use of ICT - Information and Communication Technology.


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