Business Consulting

Do you want better performance, sales growth, profitability, market share and efficiency? The Business Development Center is committed to provide high quality services that will make a real difference in your business. Through comprehensive analysis, of the existing situations and processing the different cases in detail, we will reach a better solution, more valuable to your business.
The purpose of our consulting services, is to improve the performance, starting from providing strategies for developing your business through sales and marketing, providing business plans, internal organization, financial advice, how to implement e-business in your company and many more.
If you use one of the consultative services, your benefits will be evident as follows: 

  • Your business will be different from the others and better than competitors;
  • Your business will reach its maximum potential;
  • Identification of the resources, time, money, people and their focus on the future;
  • Increasing productivity and the confidence of customers for the long term;
  • Cost control of quality and efficiency in an effective manner;
  • Solving problems in a quick way and undertaking the emergency plan. 

Our approach is always cooperative. Companies, who have worked and continue to cooperate with us, are: Dauti Komerc, Veze Shari, Frigotehnika 2000, Interlight Shop etc.

Business Development Center (BDC) plays the role of linking the business community with the South East European University. BDC provides management training and business consulting to individuals and organizations through the use of ICT - Information and Communication Technology.


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