Drafting and implementation of business plan

Language : Albanian,Macedonian,English

Duration : 6 days

The information of entrepreneurs with the content of the business plan, evaluation of the current capacity of the enterprise and the environment for the realization of business goals, awareness of the current and potential entrepreneurs about the importance of planning etc.

Таrget grup
Businessmen, children of owners, stakeholders from companies that should receive preparation to take greater responsibility and key positions in the future, graduate students who claim to enter the business world, the young businessmen that have started their own businesses etc.

Expected outcome
After completing the training, participants are expected to have sufficient knowledge about the design of concrete business plans from participants for current or future businesses, preparation of presentation of entrepreneurial ideas before creditors and potential investors etc.

Minimum number of participants to run the course:  8

Maximum  number of participants to run the course: 15

Course Program: 

    • Basic concepts of planning;
    • Transforming the vision into action;
    • Develop concrete business plan - Phase I (profile enterprise and industry, general business strategy, products and services company, developing marketing strategy, offering concrete examples and practical work related topics - active  participation of partcipants );
    • Developing concrete business plan - Phase II (defining the location of the enterprise, the enterprise resettlement plan, competition analysis and plan for dealing with the plan of operations, offering concrete examples and practical work- related topics partcipientëve active participation);
    • Developing concrete business plan - phase III (description of enterprise management, enterprise financial plan, the proposal for a loan or investment, annexes, providing concrete examples);
    • Completion and presentation of business plan


Business Development Center (BDC) plays the role of linking the business community with the South East European University. BDC provides management training and business consulting to individuals and organizations through the use of ICT - Information and Communication Technology.


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