f you contact us the success will not miss because we will make sure that your potential customers get the message. Business Development Center (BDC), offers you the opportunity to attract customers to your business. We know how to retain your customer’s attention and how to promote your products and services. The university campus is a great way to prop up your business and to spread your message. 

This means that you have a better chance to build a lasting, positive link with your customers, simply by using our university spaces to promote your business.  
    • We do this through: 
      • Setting the promotional materials (banners, posters) in specific locations within the campus of the university; 
      • Setting stands in the most frequented spaces of the university; 
      • E-mail marketing, where you can promote your products and services for a few seconds before thousands students and hundreds employees. You just have to set the time, date, and purpose for advertising your products and services and we take care for the rest! 
    • If you use one of the services your benefits are: 
      • Consumers will know where your business is and what products and services you offer; 
      • Easy for customers to get your message; 
      • AND MUCH MORE!

Business Development Center (BDC) plays the role of linking the business community with the South East European University. BDC provides management training and business consulting to individuals and organizations through the use of ICT - Information and Communication Technology.


T +389 44 356 251

Ilindenska 335, 1200 Tetovo Macedonia

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