Practical accounting and implementation of tax legislation

Language : Мacedonian, Albanian

Duration : 6 days

The acquisition of practical knowledge in the field of accounting and the right application of taxes, so the candidates can learn, how to record and properly to arrange events, in the form of financial statements and tax legislation properly. 

Таrget audience
Representatives of companies, individual investors, students and all those who wish to gain practical knowledge in the field of accounting and taxation.

Expected outcome
After completing the training, participants are expected to have sufficient practical knowledge to work in companies accounting sectors, accounting offices and other work related to accounting.

Minimum number of participants to run the course:  8

Maximum  number of participants to run the course: 15

Course Program

    • Legislation in applicable in the field of accounting and taxation;
    • Frame accounts;
    • Evidence of documents and the evidence of banking extracts
    • Basics of VAT law and preparation of reports to VAT;
    • Bills - According to the law on VAT, the identification of incoming invoices accounting;
    • The income / expense and accounting evidence outgoing invoices;
    • Calculation of salaries and wages identification;
    • Retail, recording daily circulation;
    • Processing of documents, extracts and calculation of foreign currency exchange rate differences;
    • Calculation and recording of expenditures through cash, creation of documentation;
    • Ledger;
    • Analytics suppliers / buyers;
    • The calculation of depreciation, inventory finely cancellation;
    • The  control of assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and capital;
    • Preparation of final accounts, closing accounts of income and expenses (class 4 and 7), monitoring of results from work, knowing the format for balance sheet (BS, BS);
    • Initial Opening balance - initial order for next year.


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