Professionalism behavior management and communication in the company

Language : Albanian, Мacedonian

Duration : 1 day

All participants, to establish a common understanding about the professionalism and ethical behavior in the workplace. 

Таrget audience
Representatives of companies, individual investors, students, and all those who professionally or personally are interested to deepen their knowledge.

Expected outcome
After the training, participants are expected to have sufficient knowledge about, professionalism and the ethical behavior in the workplace, behavior management, customer needs and requirements, direct communication with colleagues and clients, etc.

Minimum number of participants to run the course:  8

Maximum  number of participants to run the course: 15

Course Program: 

    • Professionalism and ethical behavior in the workplace;
    • Management needs, behaviors and customer requirements;
    • Direct communication with colleagues and clients;
    • Verbal communication;
    • Non-verbal communication;
    • Written communication;


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