We offer you a great number of trainings involving our academic personnel as well as our local and international partners. Experts from BDC will make an evaluation of your need and based on it, will design a program which will offer you solid solutions for your eventual situations. The program designed will underline interactive study and encourage participants to join in debates. 

    • Some of potential trainings
      • General Management
      • Marketing Management
      • Financial Management
      • Accounting
      • Leadership and Communication
      • Human Resources Management
      • Developing Personal Skills
      • IT Skills
      • Language courses (Albanian, English and Macedonian etc.)
    • Specialized Services
      • Business Plans
      • Strategic and Investment Plans
      • Professional Development 

After finishing the training, except capabilities and additional skills, you will get a certificate for successfully completing the training. The same certificates can be converted into credits (CST credits).

Business Development Center (BDC) plays the role of linking the business community with the South East European University. BDC provides management training and business consulting to individuals and organizations through the use of ICT - Information and Communication Technology.


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